Tuesday, March 21, 2023



This week is Spring Break at California State University, Sacramento. For whatever reason, Sac State “celebrates,” or places Spring Break on a different week than most other schools in the area (most others’ are next week). Be that as it may, this week, for me, has developed a little history and a tradition that also celebrates the coming of spring. It even has a name that MCU fans should recognize – the “Knowhere Ride.” It is the first long, multi-day motorcycle ride of the year and usually consists of at least three days (and could be up to as many as six or seven) and several hundred to more than 1,000 miles. The destination is always the same – Knowhere.


The first Knowhere Ride was in 2016. It wasn’t named that yet and it was way more planned than the ride would become – and it was not solo. They do not have to be, it’s not a “rule” (that’s kind of a thing, there are no rules), but it is better that way. That time was with a friend, and it was very much planned; it was a good ride that included the best parts of the PCH. I did PCH the opposite direction again in June, alone. I did not plan to go as far or be gone as long as I was – but I definitely needed some escape. The ride was piggybacked on a trip to Southern California for a friend’s wedding and a visit to my sons’ family to see my grandkids. After that, no plans.


That was when the magic happened. That was when the Knowhere Ride was born. It doesn’t have to be during Spring Break, but that is usually the first opportunity. It doesn’t have to be solo, but it is best that way. Once it was a group ride – a “shake-down” ride for those who were going to Sturgis that year. While that was called the Knowhere Ride, too, there wasn’t much knowherey about it. And not every ride that is a solo ride into the spiritual oneness that is the coming together of my bike, the road, and my mind is necessarily a ride to “Knowhere,” either. The ride is at once difficult to define but, at the same time, impossible to miss when upon me.


What is true is that there will be no Spring Break Knowhere Ride this year. It was planned (which means only a departure date was planned) but scrubbed a couple of days ago due to a number of factors – and the weather was not the only one. The weather would only delay my departure, there are other factors that made the postponement of the ride a good idea. The next available time is in the latter part of May. That’s okay and there is no sense in making any plans for a thing that defies planning anyway.


What will be happening is still motorcycle stuff. I have two motorcycle projects that are waiting to become full-fledged, roadworthy motorcycles. One is and has been in the mock-up stage and the other needs to be torn down for painting. But before that can happen my garage needs a major overhaul. That’s what will be happening this week -that and other stuff I’ve been neglecting that needs attention. While all that stuff is decidedly Somewhere (here), it all contributes to getting somewhere else – Knowhere.