Tuesday, April 04, 2006


And it keeps coming and coming and coming and coming. California, specifically the Capital City, has been pounded with rain in record amounts. It is fortunate that it has not come all at once, for the delta region may well resemble certain parts of the gulf coast right now. However, the trade-off is a nearly constant outpouring of light to moderate rain. In March, Sacramento recorded a record 20 days of measurable rain. That means rain two out of every three days. Everything is wet all the time. Enough is enough!

I am typically not one to complain about inclement weather. Usually I revel in the power of Mother Nature. I get off on “bad” weather. Rain, wind, snow, cold… even heat waves do not really bother me. However, monotony does. This is getting old. It’s not even all that severe, just constant. It is exactly what I don’t like about the oh so predictable summers around here. It’s 95 to 105 degrees pretty much every day during the “dog days” of summer here. And I guess in March (and so far in April), it rains. And rains and rains and then it rains some more.

Those that can barely tolerate the rain under normal circumstances are the ones suffering the most. I still enjoy those certain elements of the rain that I always have – the cleansing quality, the freshness after a rain – the smell, the sound of the falling rain – it can be and often is enchanting. It slows everything down. Things are pretty slow around here. We’ve had enough. But, as long as it’s going to rain anyway, I’ll be taking advantage of the meditative quality of it – I have to study for a Constitutional Law midterm tomorrow morning. This is some of the best studying weather.

Does that mean the rain will stop afterwards? That would be a welcome change. The forcast calls for a break on Thursday and most of Friday followed by... you guessed it, more rain.


Ellen said...

I hear that Hawaii is going on 40 days or so of rain at this point. Hmmmmm.... perhaps a second coming of Noah?

Only kidding, of course. I can't blame you about the weather. When it has rained more than a few days in a row here, it does become very monotonous, and usually leads to cranky drivers.

Here's to some sun your way soon! We are enjoying ours, but we have intermittent cold spells between the good days still. Oh well, at least we dodged the tornados!

X said...

I love the rain...it's so calming and soothing. However, I don't like it when I have to go out. For some reason, I always seem to have an umbrella curse - they always break on me. Never fun! :)

Lee Ann said...

I heard it was raining a lot over there. Maybe it is preparing for a beautiful Spring.
Have a good day ;)

Jinsane said...

I love the rain as well, and we've had quite a few storms here in KY recently.

At least you're getting some good studying weather. Let me know how you fared on your exam!

Bar L. said...

Is it still raining up there? I love it, this rain has been perfect in my opinon. Not enough to do damage, just enough to give the earth the drink of water she so desperately needs.

Is it heading south from you to me or going north? I have no idea, but it's still raining here.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Oh I just LOVE rain. I wish we had some here. We're going through a drought, and it's worrisome, as well as being a problem for those of us who are asthmatics or suffering from allergies, or both.