Monday, August 13, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Fair warning. The following is straight from the hip. I have not researched or in any way educated myself to any significant depth save the headlines and news briefs that have circulated since Karl Rove announced his resignation. I am operating on prior albeit considerable knowledge. I have little doubt that the story has by now been analyzed, dissected, interpreted, disassembled and reassembled. The questions have been asked - and rhetorical though they may be, they have been answered nonetheless. By experts, of course. I am not an expert, however, I am not surprised in the least that Mr. Rove has “decided” to resign.

First, let’s be honest. Although Rove played a role in this latest strategic move, it was not his decision alone. It is part of an overall strategy that has been planned for some time. Perhaps it is a contingency plan; a stopgap; a plan “B”, but a plan all the same. This is not a result of good old Karl’s sudden desire to spend time with his family (from the news briefs). It is damage control and just in case no one has said it, I’m saying it now. Rove is falling on his sword in the great tradition of taking one for the team. He has been waiting in the wings, largely silent since the outing of Valerie Plame. It is now his turn in the barrel.

It is game of distraction. With the September “status” report on the troop surge rapidly approaching, our fearless leader is trying to buy some breathing space. There will likely be more heads to roll - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is definitely on the short list. We are being prepared for bad news… well, worse news - it’s been bad for some time. It wouldn’t even surprise me if Dick Cheney had to step down for “health” reasons. That would leave a number of unemployed scapegoats for Bush to suggestively but ever so nonchalantly point the finger towards. But there will be no hard and fast blame and no real consequences… remember, there is still a full pardon in the works for Scooter.

As bad as this president has been, we need to remember that no single person could foul things up so completely. He had help, lots of help. Karl Rove has been riding shotgun for many, many years - well before this presidency. He knew what was expected of him when he signed on. He also knew what was in it for him. Their plan for world domination (ok, slight hyperbole) went terribly awry, but there is no accountability. These resignations and even one conviction (so far) have not changed anything. We were sold a song and dance that was designed to bring us to war. The evidence that this was an unnecessary and unjustified war was and is monumental, but Rove, Cheney, Bush and company kept the lies alive and fresh.

Check it out - nothing has changed. Rove will be gone but the machine will keep squawking away. And people still believe the lies. It will take generations to repair the damage this administration has done. Our grandchildren will still be paying for this war. I’m so glad Karl Rove feels it is important to spend time with his family - I feel the same about mine. I wonder how much time he spends explaining to his family what we as a nation are doing in the world. I wonder if his family believes the lies.


kenju said...

Mike, I wish I could spam this to everyone in the US!

"... It will take generations to repair the damage this administration has done."

AMEN! I am so happy that I can say I never voted for him.

CyberKitten said...

Great post as always....... [looks impressed].

If that's an example of you 'shooting from the hip' then I'm even more impressed!

awareness said...

Will someone please give Mr. Althouse his own column on the editorial page?

well written.......punchy, critical and emotionally charged as well.

By ending with linking Rove's comment about wanting to spend time with his family(always the reason isn't it?? Wonder how often it's bs?) you make this perceived big than life political mess a human being. Albeit a human being with MUCH to answer for.

Ellen said...

So glad to see that I wasn't the only one who viewed Rove's departure as a "falling on the sword". Research? Heck, you don't need no stinkin research... you nailed it. Great post!

Shephard said...

I am appalled at how many people still defend and support the agenda and the participants after all this. Pride? Stupidity? Denial? (all three).

flleenie said...

I did not vote for George W Bush.
He reacted to 9/11 as predicted & expected. Polls showed total American support.
Then he decided to go to Iraq... To do what? Finish the job his father should have taken care of back in 91?
Though we are told this is not a war, our soldiers are involved in a hostile atmosphere and are in danger every single day.

Bobkat said...

Great post! Well said.

I am not at all surprised that someone(s) are having to fall on their swords. Publicly, someone(s) must bare the blame. It is very simple though. Bush is your elected leader. As leader he is responsible for everything that his adminstration do, even though it may take more than him to do it. He is President and he IS to blame. The sacrificing of others, is as you say, a smoke screen. Captain's are always responsible for their ships. Of course it would be a political disaster for him to admit that he was wrong. After all, he lead many other countries (including mine) to war and fanned the fires of discontent in the East. 'Oops' just doesn't cut it.

I must say, I disagree when you say that it will take generations to repair the damage though. I don't beleive that things will ever be the same again. The rift may be closed but not healed completely on a global scale. Too much damage has been done. I hope these people are proud of themselves.

Jennifer said...

I wish I could comment intelligently on this post, but I know nothing about politics at all...just wanted to say hello today :)!

-E said...

I'm here from Michele. And all I agree this is just another person doing what needs to be done to keep the lies alive, in some way. I've grown tired of hearing who is doing what and for which reasons, I don't believe any of it any more.

Have a wonderful day actually enjoying your family.

Anonymous said...

eww politics

I avoid discussing politics whenever possible but your words are well written and very honest. That, sad as it is, is a sad thing.

You've won my respect.

Michele sent me to tell you so.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post - you should write "off the cuff" more often.

I'm here from Michele's tonight. Happy weekend (a little early)

Tawcan said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

You're right it's not a fault of a single person. Bad decisions just pile on top of each other.

MsT said...

Well said, Mike - I too know too little about this event but know it is a spin of the biggest kind. Also in agreement with Judy about the quote, very well put. I took the liberty of putting together a slide show to a political song which I hope you'll check out on my blog - it's the post from yesterday, August 15.

flleenie said...

I didn't vote for Bush, but when the devastating events of 9/11 occurred, our country had to respond, and our president, made the right decision at that time.

Even though I did not vote for him, he was voted to a second term.

To this date, a lot of his staff has either left or resigned. So you know it's got to be bad!!

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me...and I should be posting on the post above - but, this one really was awesome. (Not that the other one wasn't)

You really do shoot from the hip and I loved every word you had to say. I am appalled at what this administration has done and continues to do! I worry about the future of my daughter and her family - should she chose to have one -!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! I have much respect for you and think you do see things very clearly!

Have a nice week-end with your family...

MaR said...

As I am not a US citizen and don't live in the US I normally don't refer to this topic...and I am not 100% a jour. But this is a great post, Mr. A. As always.
Michele sent me your way to catch up