Friday, December 14, 2007


It has been quite a while since I have written for the 25 Year Plan. It might even be, at eight days, a record respite for this blog. Its two-year anniversary is just four days away and it is about time I wrote something to post here. This piece also marks my 300th such post to be published here. Perhaps a little reflection is in order… back to my blog roots, as it were. Ahhh, but where to begin? As usual, there is no telling where this may lead, but if you will so indulge me - the rabbit hole is, once again, right this way…

December 18, 2005 was the beginning of an exceedingly long winter break after my first semester at California State University, Sacramento. I had transferred as a junior journalism major after completing three semesters at American River College - the local junior college. And 20+ years, on and off (mostly off), at various other schools. My more recent grades were exceptional and I was on fire. Waiting for five weeks until the spring semester started seemed like an eternity.

My beginning journalism professor introduced me to the blogosphere. Actually, all he did was mention that he had a blog… I found it and discovered how easy it would be to start my own. It’s not as though I had never heard of a blog - I had a vague idea of what one was and I knew that they were gaining in popularity at a logarithmic pace. I resisted for a while, but my need to continue writing, and more so, to be published pushed me to take what turned out to be a very rewarding leap of faith.

Today, almost exactly two years later, I have attended my very last class session as an undergraduate. Internally it was a profound moment, but externally it was just the last class of another semester. Strictly business. There was a lecture - I took notes. It was exactly the same thing I have done in countless other classes throughout the past several years. There is still finals week next week, but the only final I have this semester is a “take-home” test. It’s due Wednesday and the last essay in another class is due Friday. That’s it, I’m done. Saturday I graduate with lots of accoutrements adorning my gown.

I have written thousands and thousands of words here and elsewhere. Many have been published in ways other than through the blogosphere. Much of it I have been paid for. I am still humbled that someone would actually pay me for my writing, but I’m starting to get used to it. Soon my career as an undergraduate will be complete and I will be writing professionally full-time. Freelancing has been nice and interesting, but I’m looking forward to a regular paycheck. And as the great cycle of seniority completes yet another lap, I’ll be once again at the bottom of the heap working my way up.

On Monday, I will be announcing, hopefully, where my bylines can be found next. Until then, I am taking a much needed and well-deserved breather. I have two items - only two - with a deadline attached before I graduate next week. They are important and not exactly easy, but I have ample time and a track record that gives me the space I need to relax. Tomorrow the Harley comes out of the garage for the first time in weeks. For the first time in a long time, first I ride, then I write.

Write Hard
Die Free


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the 300th post! Have fun riding and wriring too. Michele sends her best wishes too.

reading room

Andi said...

Congratulations on graduation!!! Enjoy your motorcycle rides.

Michele sent me and I look forward to seeing your future writing.

rashbre said...

Congrats on the graduation, Write well and write often.

kenju said...

You are to be commended, Mike, for your writing both here and elsewhere. I look forward to seeing your bylines. Congratulations on your 300th post - and we hope for many more.

Thumper said...

w00t! Here's to the joy of graduating, of writing because it's IN you, and of those miles of smiles hidden inside a helmet!

November Rain said...

michelle sent me to say congrats on 300 and on the 2 year mark in four days

Sara said...

Mike, Haven't been by in a while - Congratulations on the graduation! I went back to college late in life and I know how hard that can be - Am happy and proud for you!

BTW, Michele sent me to say she is proud of you too!!!

carmilevy said...

I look forward to hundreds, nay thousands more from you. I've come to respect and admire the person behind the words, and I'm thrilled that you continue to knock off one major milestone after another.

Whatever you need, don't ever be shy...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Have a great bike ride!
You've been having good grades rise.
Next you'll get a decent byline,
After resting by the sidelines.

You've gone a long way,
Another hill, another day.

Has it been that many?
Has it been that long?
You've ridden so steady,
Finished up so strong!

Enjoy the last week,
And all that rest.
The ride you've earned,
Having done your best!


craziequeen said...

Hi Mike, just called by to say I have photos of 'The Swan' on my blog now.....