Monday, April 07, 2008

Dick Tracy

Someone has been trying to find out who I am. Through some very rudimentary search techniques that reveal far more about the seeker than he or she will ever learn about me, I have become aware of a fan (or fans) that represents the best of the root word, fanatic. Because I, of course, adore my fans, I am only too pleased to voluntarily give up whatever privacy I have. No, no… no thanks are necessary, the pleasure is all mine.

Name: Michael Keith Althouse
Age: 45
Home: Fair Oaks, CA
Occupation: Journalist, The Placer Herald - Rocklin, CA

That should be more than enough to quench any reasonable thirst for information, but if it isn’t, it is sufficient to garner whatever else one may desire. I have a home and cellular phone number, an address… I even have some history. Want more? It’s out there - but I’d suggest paying for a background search by someone who already knows how to do it. There is an awful lot to learn about just to find out what little there is to know about me.


Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Holy cow, I know several people who are being "sought" in creepy internet ways! What's the deal with these people who stalk online, anyway?

Rocklin? I have an aunt in Rocklin!

kenju said...

I suspect that having a stalker is a 2-edged sword. There'd be a tendency to enjoy the bit of thrill involved - and then a feeling of ickiness at the weirdness of it. Hope your stalker is satisfied with your proffered info!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I haven't been stalked since before the internet was born, TG.
That's why I like to be somewhat mysterious online, tho I'm sure if someone really wants to know they can figure it out.

The price of popularity...