Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plan "B"

As anything is as likely to appear here as anything else, the following is written knowing it will not have mass appeal. In fact, unless you have an acute interest in my life and where it’s heading, you might just as well stop reading now. You know who you are; you have been warned. However, for those of you who have found my journey of trial and tribulation… of insightful, blinding flashes of the obvious and (dare I say) redemption intriguing, I offer you this, a status report - of sorts.

As revealed in my previous post, I was not selected to be a California Assembly or Senate Fellow. Although I am consoled that I came closer than most, it is also true that no one remembers who finished second. But not all of my eggs were in that basket - I did and do have a Plan “B” and although it has not been given nearly as much press, it has been running silently parallel to Plan “A.” My application to the communications studies Masters program at Sacramento State is on track and looks promising.

So my eggs have fallen safely from the “A” basket to the “B,” it would seem. There are, however, no guarantees that my application will be accepted. I have very high hopes that it will, but even a good Plan “B” is nothing without an equally well thought out Plan “C.” I don’t have a clear one yet, but I am working on it. Currently it consists of employment in various different capacities, some of which are so new I am only now exploring them. The plan exists, but it is still somewhat nebulous.

But back to Plan “B” - earning my Masters degree. Among my long-term goals has been a teaching position in some capacity; I seem to have some aptitude for it and in my limited experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Combining it with my love for writing seems like a match made in Heaven, but it won’t happen without some more work. A Masters will allow me to teach at the community college level and in some cases at the university level. In my humble opinion, community colleges provide access to more opportunity, to more people than any other educational venue. And in my experience as a student at three different such institutions, there is more genuine desire to learn there than anywhere else.

My recently completed journey to obtain a Bachelors degree started at a community college. Not to take anything away from a host of excellent professors at Sac State, but my teachers at American River College ignited me. They went beyond teaching; they were fully vested in my success. They more than convinced me I could do this - they believed it themselves. I have life experiences that are similar to those of many community college students. Many are students that, for one reason or another, have taken the road less traveled. Many, like myself, are lost souls in search of something more. And I am convinced that they, too, can find it.


Lacey said...

My experience with community college at Sierra was very similar - great, vested, knowledgeable, connected teachers. Even the math profs, and I think that's saying something.

I'm wishing you luck of course in your masters app... thank you for the update, and please do keep us informed. :) Let me know how it goes - someday I might follow in your footsteps.

kenju said...

And I have no doubt that you can help them find it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'd take a writing class from you any day, you do have a gift and it will unfold as it will.

Bobkat said...

I have had tutors that you describe, the ones who are genuinely interested in teaching, the ones who believe in you and who want you to pass. I have also had ones that just go through the motions.

It was one of the first type, that way back in school believed in me enough to improve my maths and help me progress to pass a better exam standard than my previous maths teacher I had had for two years and never made much progress. The new teacher realised that a different approach was neeeded and passed on her interest in numbers, a subject which I found dry and boring. I think you have the ability to do this for others and I wish you every luck with Plan B.

Michele sent me by to say hi.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Happy travails to you, no matter the path undertaken. At least you can stay in the same vein of your skill- from a new angle.

I'm still working outside the subjects of my expertise due to this fickle ecomony. Someday before retirement time, I'd like to get to the point of doing nothing but artwork n writing with my time-

Ellen said...

Ah yes, Plan B.... and C, and D, and E through Z. Whatever works, go for it! You have talent, and fans.... you will go far!

Biker Betty said...

Very sorry that plan A didn't pan out, but often plan B's turn out to be the better avenue in the end.

Carli N. Wendell said...

It sounds like a perfect fit. Hope it all works out. (Yeah, you wrote this a month ago. I'm just catching up!) There's that line from Sound of Music: When the good lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.