Friday, July 11, 2008



I am experiencing some difficulty expressing myself via my preferred medium. Not that it is unusual to have trouble gathering my thoughts; indeed, getting started has always been difficult. It is odd, however, that at this very moment I am in what I can only describe as the best possible writing posture. It is a place that has, historically, produced some of the most biting sarcasm, the most intense ridicule and cast a brilliant light on the inconsistent statements, moronic acts and idiotic ideologies of our time.

Yes, I am pissed off.

But this time it is personal. It has nothing much to do with the society in general, with establishment… the world is not going to come to a grinding halt. No, this time I am not coming to the rescue of the little guy and it is not some institutional injustice towards the downtrodden I am addressing. And although I might be “the victim,” I am so voluntarily. I am more than capable of retaliation and would stand up for myself if it were - well, cost effective. In this case, a good offense would have to include better defense - I am not holding all of the cards.

If this all sounds overly vague, it’s because I am being overly vague. I do not want to arouse the kind of attention a recent piece here (which has since been taken down) once did. I will not provide specifics - not because I am afraid of the potential consequences, but because it is not in my best interest. Although largely voluntary, I have been effectively squelched - censored, in a word. I can name names, give dates and produce publicly available evidence to support my case, but there is no prize. I can’t win anything more than public opinion, and I can’t spend that.

One day, maybe soon, I’ll lay it all out. But for now, I’ve said enough.


Anonymous said...

OK Fish on...all ya gotta do now is yank in the line...I am yours. Take me. Tell me. Gimmmmeeeeee more. I love your shit!

Anonymous said...

I recommend a six pack of Pacifico Beer and about two limes.

And congrats and best wishes on your continuing education.

Via Michelle, I bid you


mckay said...

my guess, is you've got someone nervous about the truth you tell.

good journalists get pressure put on them.

keep up the good fight. rock and write on.


Snaggle Tooth said...

I spend much time writing things I decide I cannot publish on my blog, for several reasons all with the main theme of self-preservation- n staying out of trouble with certain institutions or people.

I also tend to avoid most of my rants- n though at times ESR may seem kind of dull or not exceedingly up-lifting, be assured I'm constantly PO'd at stuff but
trying to be more positive...
There is much unrevealed-

I hope you are able to resolve the issue at hand soon!