Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Friends...

Now that the second of three presidential debates is history, the mud slinging can resume. It’s true, debate mud slinging was nowhere to be found. Despite what many have called a “heated” debate in which the candidates called attention to each other’s respective records as well as the liberal interpretations of each one’s positions, this is not mud-slinging in a presidential debate. It is, in fact, fair game.

The rhetoric coming from the two campaigns of late, however, is a much different story. From the obliteration of facts to the exploitation of past associations on both sides, there is nothing cordial about the race’s recent past. It is unfortunate, but certainly not unexpected. McCain is losing ground and it has little to do with what he says at this point… with every downturn in the economy, be it record unemployment or a tanking stock market, McCain’s numbers go down. Maverick or not, he is a Republican - the same party that has control of the executive and until the 2006 midterms, both houses of congress.

There are not enough “my friend’s” in the world to stave off disaster in November. Compounding McCain’s problem is an acute lack of understanding of what is really going on with the economy, though to his credit he’s an expert next to his running mate. Although he might have a slight edge where it comes to foreign policy, the world has changed so much in the last 20 years that only current knowledge and expertise has any real meaning. Add Obama's youth and intelligence to the equation and it reduces McCain’s odds even more.

Look, we all know John McCain is a war hero. He has served his country admirably all of his adult life. He climbed the ladder by staying in the game and never giving up. Given all of that, isn’t it his turn? Shouldn’t he have his chance? Hasn’t he earned it? Um, no. He deserves to be first runner up, maybe some lovely parting gifts… and he gets to keep his cushy seat in the U.S. Senate. He will make the history books. He will be looked upon as a good senator and an American hero. That should be enough for anyone and it will have to do. This job is not about rewarding heroism, it’s about steering a nation of more than 300 million citizens; it's about keeping our best interests at heart.

It’s not about winning at any cost - even if, paraphrasing a McCain official, if the we don’t move off the economy, we will lose. This country needs more than an overly experienced senator in the White House. We need a visionary. We need a president who will move the people, instill confidence and re-energize us. Sometimes it is about speeches and well-spoken words. It’s time for some new blood… and his name is Barack Obama.

As much maverick as McCain claims to be, he still represents the old guard and where it applies to foreign policy, he might as well be Bush. Although McCain can rightly claim ignorance regarding the financial meltdown, his party had a major hand in it. Yes, the Republicans and McCain’s people say the Democrats, under Clinton, put the disaster in motion. But it is difficult to explain away more ten years of Republican congressional control, six of those with a Republican in the White House. McCain’s biggest albatross is his own party - the one he ironically enough claims to have stood up to time and time again.

What’s that old saying about payback?

It's a pitbull with lipstick.


VV said...

We also shouldn't overlook the fact that Clinton left a surplus for Bush, who has now turned it into a massive deficit.

kenju said...

".....some lovely parting gifts… and he gets to keep his cushy seat in the U.S. Senate. He will make the history books. He will be looked upon as a good senator and an American hero. That should be enough for anyone and it will have to do."

DITTO! I hope you're right.

Teena in Toronto said...

We have an election here in Canada on Tuesday!

BTW, Michelle sent me!

Star said...

I pretty much agree with your take on the subjest. It' s not that i am happy to vote for Obama. I just cannot vote for McCain. Michele sent me.

Ellen said...

Oh boy... where to start.....

I've been a news junkie for the past few weeks.... devouring everything on the subject of this campaign. This will undoubtably be the most important vote of our lives.

The more I read, and the more news reports I watch, the more I am turned away from the campaign antics of the Republican Party. The very idea that they would need to distract the issues to plant a seed of "who is Barack Obama?" in order to swift vote the candidate shows me that this is the last vestage of a losing campaign. Insighting the base of their constituents at these fundraisers and rallies, the Republican Party has brought out the worst in these people and likend them to a Klan revival. The amount of hate coming out of these is dispicable, deplorable and dangerous. That makes me very afraid.

And then... on to the issues. What about the economy? McCain's plan is for the government to buy back all the toxic mortgages so that people remain in their homes. Theory is nice, putting the figures to paper is another matter. Where do we find the money for all that? Oh yeah, it is part of the $700 billion rescue package we've already ceded over to strengthen the economy. If you believe that, I've got some land to sell you in Georgia. In no way would banks refinance your home back to you, your credit has already been destroyed by this mess in the first place... and banks are using a fine tooth comb this time around. Not only that, but why would the bank help you (the poor soul who could not pay your mortgage due to the failed economy) when they will find others who were not so touched by it?

For McCain to come out at the second debate and state that he has the answer to end the war, shore up the economy, and put America back on track again makes me wonder why he has held back these little secrets for the past 8years. Wouldn't it have been to his benefit to have been letting them out all along? Wouldn't that have been more mavericky?

Oh, I have much, much more, but I think I will end the rant here. Thanks for the space, Mike, and so glad you finally touched on this subject, my friend.

Obama "08!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I was here earlier in the week trying to read but something kept crashing my ie (just on this site)- so now I'm on firefox finally catching up-
I missed the debate except for news bites n the SNL jokes-

Obama does win the speaking contest, n has the current events problem solving/ critical thinking abilities blue ribbon-

Who ever wasn't scared off by thoughts of McCain in charge is certainly petrified by a Prez Palin- Mavericks do tend to be a bit unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

If he really cared about his country as much as he professes, why would he allow Palin (who is clueless on too many issues) to be so close to the presidency?