Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Little A to Z About Me

I haven’t responded to the few “tags” I have received nor do I intend to. However, many of the authors of the blogs I regularly read do. The reason I don’t respond is that it “feels” like a questionnaire and as such, is just a wee bit too mechanical for me to get excited about. No excitement equals no motivation, no motivation equals no writing – for me. This is by no means a judgment on those who do respond and enjoy them, and I do read the responses of others from time to time.

Having said all that – while cruising (or stalking) my regular blogs, I ran across a tag on Sadie Lou’s blog that I found amusing and interesting. Although she did not tag me, she did invite any who felt so inclined to join in. My interest peaked; excitement led to motivation and the writing follows:

Accent: We don’t have an accent in California, ask anyone.

Booze: Not for a long time. Zero, nada, zilch.

Chore I hate.: Cleaning my office. It usually isn’t until I can’t find anything!

Dogs/Cats: Not now. Had a dog. *&%#% HOA!

Essential electronics: iBook, Blackberry. That’s it.

Favorite perfume: Not a clue.

Gold or Silver: Only silver

Hometown: Small town in the Santa Clara (silicon) Valley.

Insomnia: Not unless there is something on my mind.

Job title: Journalism student, aspiring writer.

Kids: Three. Anthony – 22, Timothy – 18 & Matthew – 16.

Living arrangement: Ranch-style house, 3/2.5, pool, 2 car garage, ^&%#@ HOA.

Most admired trait: I can’t answer that. Ask my Mom.

Number of Sexual Partners: Not sure... is that a bad thing?

Overnight hospital stays: Four. Three months, ten days, three days and five days.

Phobia: Heights kinda freak me a little.

Q: Hey, there's no "Q!"

Religion: If I have one, I’m the only worshipper. I’m a flock of one!

Siblings: A sister and a brother – both younger.

Time I wake up: Between six and eight in the morning, depending on what day it is.

Unusual talent: Any talent I have is unusual!

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussels sprouts.

Worst Habit: Staying up too late - like tonight.

X-rays: Literally hundreds.

Yummy foods I make: Banana bread and chicken fried rice. Barbeque anything.

Zodiac: Sagittarius.

That was fun. I’ll extend the same invitation Sadie Lou did: Anyone who would like to participate please do so.


Jade L Blackwater said...

Dude! I like SO totally disagree about the California accent! :)

UltimateWriter said...

It's only Southern Cal that has the valley accent right? I always wonder which valley they are talking about with that. Is it death valley? Could it be called the death valley accent? For real.

Bar L. said...

Hey Mike, I have the same exact answers for you on:

I love it when someone tells me they like my Californian accent! My Canadian friends laugh at the way I say things.

Ellen said...

I liked your answer about religion, and find I also am a flock of one... how apt for the agnostics to feel that way.

Also.... being a fellow banana bread maker.... I've got a hell of a recipe for you!

I've enjoyed reading this post... like I do all your work. It's nice to get to know the man behind the blog!

Jinsane said...

Well, we do have a few things in common. I am also a Sadge and I absolutely refuse to eat brussel sprouts! They are the most disgusting vegetable I've ever tried!!

Sorry to hear about all of the hospital stays. Hope it wasn't anything too serious!

neal said...

I'll bite...

Accent: I am like a chameleon. I can pick up an accent by spending about ten minutes around anyone. I do a real good Irish accent after watching U2 Rattle and Hum.

Booze: Not for a long time. Zero, nada, zilch. Same for me

Chore I hate.: Washing white clothes.

Dogs/Cats: Neither.

Essential electronics: Anything that plays music that I can select. I am a music addict.

Favorite perfume: Don't have one.

Gold or Silver: I prefer silver but my wife insists upon gold

Hometown: I was born in Pacifica, moved to Santa Clara, then San Jose, then Oroville, then Olivehurst after 13 years in the Air Force.

Insomnia: No but I wake often during the night.

Job title: Slave.

Kids: One, Christopher 13.5 yrs going on 100.

Living arrangement: 1100 sq ft tract home with a nice sized yard and over 300 roses.

Most admired trait: Loyal/hardworking/honest to a fault.

Number of Sexual Partners: One?

Overnight hospital stays: Does that count birth?

Phobia: Heights and spiders.

Q: Hey, there's no "Q!"

Religion: Cross between Christian and Taoist.

Siblings: A brother.

Time I wake up: 3:30 a.m.

Unusual talent: Nothing unusual!

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussels sprouts, brocoli and I can never spell cauliflower right.

Worst Habit: Letting the small things stress me out.

X-rays: Mostly feet but one for a broken left shoulder.

Yummy foods I make: Secret sandwhich, coffee milkshakes.

Zodiac: Cancer.

Michael K. Althouse said...

jib ~ ;-')

UW ~ it's the San Fernando Valley, just north of LA and a world away from us up here in Northern California where we have no accent.

Bar ~ ya, no one ever thinks that they have an accent.

ellen ~ the banana bread is a new thing for me, it's pretty easy!

Jinsane ~ I don't think we were ever suposed to eat brussels sprouts. I wonder whose bright idea that was anyway?

All of those hospitalizations and most of the xrays were the result of this.

neal ~ I'm with you on the cauliflower (sp?).

scaredofu said...

Mr. A, Let me first say, I truly enjoy reading your musings. Thank you for your thoughts!

Accent: True Southern - long and drawn out!

Booze: Not for a long time. Zero, nada, zilch.

Chore I hate.: Cleaning the bathroom

Dogs/Cats: 1 dog, 2 birds

Essential electronics: Computer

Favorite perfume: Beautiful by Estee Lauder

Gold or Silver: Only silver

Hometown: Small town in NC

Insomnia: Once in awhile, but always find something to do to take up the time.

Job title: Keeper of all, it seems

Kids: none

Living arrangement: Small house with lots of flowers in the neighborhood

Most admired trait: Patient, learned through illness

Number of Sexual Partners: Some....

Overnight hospital stays: 2

Phobia: Heights kinda freak me a little.

Q: Question that is your favorite: Why or How does that work?

Religion: Southern Baptist - can't help how I was raised....

Siblings: A brother, older

Time I wake up: Between five and six in the morning.

Unusual talent: None that I know of.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Sweet potato

Worst Habit: Staying up too late - like tonight.

X-rays: Literally hundreds.

Yummy foods I make: Chinese dishes, spaghetti, and a mean strawberry cobbler


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I'll have to try that one Mike! Yours is very very interesting, but then, I wouldn't have expected anything less! I love your religeon one...And I'd love to taste some of both of your recipes! YUM YUM!

Christine said...

Brussel Sprouts...happens to be one of my favorite veggies...LOL..of course, I think I'm the only one...

It's all least I know I can find them when I go to the grocery store....