Sunday, June 25, 2006

Time Flies

Much to my amazement, it has been four days since I have produced anything to fill this space. Although I have spent some small amount of time reading my regular blogs – and even less commenting, even that has fallen off this weekend just now coming to an end. Of course there is a perfectly reasonable explanation – part of it I’ll share, right here, right now. And part of it I won’t, not yet anyway.

I am in summer school at Sac State. I’m enrolled in three units of Spanish reading proficiency (yuk) and another three units of journalism internship. The Spanish is compulsory… I have to take it to graduate and the internship is… exhilarating. I just started writing for a small paper in the Sierra foothills and it is keeping me plenty busy. It is a weekly and publishes on Thursdays. I will have a couple of pieces published this week. Don’t worry, I’ll remove the mystery and provide the links and all once it hits the streets. Just know that, for now I am very busy and happy as a pig in… mud!

PS: For those of you that must know what the “other” reason for my absence is, feel free to email me – it’s not a huge secret, I just don’t want to go into it right now.



awareness said...

There's nothing like applied learning. Enjoy your internship, Mike.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I tried to comment and that friggin' Blogger..GRRRRRR!
I was wonderful it is to be so involved in something you Love!!!
Also that I hope you will come on by tomorrow for the "Virtual" Party...As I was trying to say...of course, that means you have to Comment so we know you are there...! (lol)
Now let's see if Blogger will Post this!

Lee Ann said...

I hope the mud is cool enough!

mckay said...

congrats on your writing gig. local stories or a column?

well, you've got the curiosity meter turned up a notch. i have my guess. i'll wait and see if it's correct.

or you can email me and guess my guess!

Susannah Conway said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your work :-) Look forward to reading the links...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Four days does seem like forever here, doesn't it! (I skipped out a bit, too)!
Well, glad to hear ya got some weekly publishing goin on, congrats, n happy edit-cuts!

X said...

All the best during your internship! :) I used to work for a weekly, it was fun because I could procrastinate for a few days before writing my articles :P

Hope evrything is well, and I won't pry by emailing....I just send you hugs and hope everything irons itself out.

And I hear you about being busy...I've been suffering from serious blog-neglect lately (mine and other people's).

Michael K. Althouse said...

awareness ~ indeed, and thank you

ooloth ~ I came to your party - a day late ;-'( sorry. I didn't know about bloggers problems this time because I wasn't on it anyway. Kind nice, actually.

lee ann ~ very cool, thanks

mck ~ both, and features and at least one three-part series. Already emailed you, but you didn't tell me your guess yet!!

susannah ~ There will be at least links in tomorrow's post. That may be all that's there, depending on how tired I am, but it'll be at least that.

snags ~ It does now... it sure flew by at the time though!

katie ~ I can so relate. I've been popping in and reading very quickly, but I haven't been leaving any comments. Bad me!

~qz~ welcome to my musings! Thank you *ahem* very much. Not married, not attached. you??

mckay said...

okay, i'll email you my guess. you'll think it's stupid.