Thursday, December 31, 2009

Still a Seeker

I made a New Years resolution (sort of) last year and it fell victim to the same fate most do. I was not a big deal and I certainly didn’t lose any sleep over it. I do, however, still believe it to be a worthy goal and although I am not resolved to do it this year, I still might. And compared to what I have accomplished this past year, what I didn’t is insignificant.

A yearly reflection, however, is still in order. But to confine such a reflection to just the events of 2009 is futile; a little more historic perspective will add clarity. I started this blog a little more than four years ago to fill some idle time between semesters at California State University, Sacramento. I was entering my second semester as a junior and I didn’t really know where this blog – or life for that matter – would take me.

I was awarded my BA in December 2007 and entered grad school in September 2008. I am now half way to a Master’s degree in communication studies. In just three semesters I will be graduating again, this time with many more accoutrements adorning my cap and gown. When I returned to school (American River College) in 2003, my goal was only to gain some new skills and an Associates degree to legitimize those skills – I did not intend to transfer to Sacramento State; I did not intend to attain a 3.8+ GPA; I had no aspirations to obtain any sort of post-graduate degree and now I am well on my way to the first of two. Yes, I do plan on exploring the possibility of earning a Ph.D.

Of course, if I were to reflect on just this past year in terms of academia, it would look like the completion of another year of grad school - pretty staid, pretty foreseeable, no real surprises there. Of course there is life outside of academia and it has thrown me a few curves. I became a grandfather on Easter Sunday. My youngest son joined the Army and is now serving in Afghanistan and my middle son is working on his place in the great fabric of life as well. And then there are my parents who have seen me through some rather grave situations and although I am not traveling the path I now travel for anyone but me, it gives me great pleasure that is pleases them.

My life is two stories, but both culminate in the here and now. I might be getting accustomed to success, but it doesn’t take much effort to remember the not so distant past when my life almost came to an end, both literally and figuratively. I could not have planned what came to pass before or what is coming to pass now, but I know this: Happiness has little to do with anything external - it comes from within. All those years of wondering and waiting for it to come to me were perhaps necessary to get me to where I am today, but at the same time, it didn’t have to be that way. Do I regret it? No. I am content with my place in the world today. I am still a seeker, but now I know that what I seek can be found.

Happy New Year


Dulçe ♥ said...

It's great to have that conviction in mind 'Now I know that what I seek can be found.'
I am in the middle of a similar process.
Hey- I was wondering why you do not have a followers list...

Happy 2010!!

Michael K. Althouse said...

I have a few followers, I just don't display them. Most of my friends are on facebook and networked blogs notifies them automatically.

Thanks for stopping by - and the link. I linked your blog as well.


Kathleen Jennette said...

Well said. Everything in life is for a reason and making goals to achieve life's reasoning is a positive plan. I should make another goal to meet up with you this year too, since I still have my place in the East Bay. Happy New Year Mike and I know the road is wide open for you!

Belizegial said...

In the Harry Potter book series, a Seeker is a Quidditch player whose job is to capture the Golden Snitch. Doing so ends the game and the Seeker's team wins. Mike, here's to hoping that you find your Golden Snitch in 2010 and that your team wins.

Happy New Year!

Bobkat said...

You're quite right of course. Reviewing a past year is simply a string of events, it takes the context of the rest of your life to imbue them with meaning.

Thanks for your recent visit. I really appreciated you popping by. I haven't been blogging much these last few months due to real life getting in the way and the re-emergence of a malicious anonymous commenter who takes the joy out of sharing. I have decided not to let them drag me down though.

I wish you continued success for 2010. Happy New Year! : )

mckay said...

that's a perfect way to describe what i've been feeling also:

"I am content with my place in the world today. I am still a seeker, but now I know that what I seek can be found."

wonderfully written.

perhaps we're growing wiser as the years continue?

Happy New Year, mike.