Monday, September 04, 2006

Prosper Blog Contest

**** UPDATE****
The site is up and public and I need your help. I know I have many readers who come by here, read my posts and then move along. I know it's true of me... I simply don't have the time to write like I used to. However, this competition is judged, in part, on the number and quality of comments generated. As I mentioned earlier, I don't want gratuitous comments to pad a lead, but if you are so moved to say anything, please do. Additionally, if you feel moved by any of the other team members' posts, again, please let them know. I believe that the best post will win - and there are some pretty good ones. Happy reading!

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My piece for the blog competition is up. I'd like to thank those who gave me feedback - I could not incorporate all the wonderful advice I received (and some of it was to do little or nothing - as you can see I didn't follow that either!), but I think it may be somewhat tighter and clearer now. I guess we'll all see together. Click this link to go there and see for yourself. By this time tomorrow, the competition will have begun. If nothing else, I'm up first. Now, I must get to work - more later!


awareness said...

Bada bing!

Well done Mike. It's a well written tight the thought provoking ending....... personal responsibility is key to changing the myopic path we lead.

Returning to the values of altruism and compassion, we can make our world sing a more upbeat song, n'est pas?

Good luck this week. I'll be reading with great interest.

JR said...

Hi Mike, I just read your piece and left a message on that site. I enjoyed your article very much and thought you were very perceptive concerning the origins of our age of apathy. Good luck with the competition!

Anonymous said...

Hey what are we all gonna do to celebrate when you come in first place???

Great piece. You got it going on! This is valuable insight and so relevant in today's world.

Ellen said...

Ditto what everybody else said... and oh my, what a flashback! I lived all through those years and saw how our apathy came to fruition. What a tangled web we've weaved from our apathetic attitudes while we the world has gone on. So many reasons, but far too long to post here without taking up a lot of room on your blog.
Thanks though, as you have given me much to think and research over for another too long post I will do someday.

Keep up the great work! You are a master in your chosen profession... and the very best of luck for first prize in this competition.

Saur♥Kraut said...

You know I love it! ;o) Best of luck!!!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

This is great news, Mike.

I will go over there and have a look.

Best of luck!

Lacey said...

Erica said you were willing to carpool to Friday's event. I just wanted to let you know that this afternoon I found my car--all intact, minus the change drawer. So I won't need a ride. But thank you SO much anyway!! :)

I'm looking forward to seeing you Friday.-Lacey