Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogging in Real-Time

An open invitation to my regular readers and the blogosphere at large:

I have been selected to participate in an event that is as intriguing as it is exciting.

On September 15, the Sacramento Metro Chamber will be hosting its premier event – Perspectives 2006.

According to the Chamber’s Web site:

Perspectives is Northern California's largest and longest running public affairs forum, and your chance to hear the views of world renowned public figures while attending the Metro Chamber's premier business networking event. Host your best clients, prospects or top performing employees at this daylong, first-class presentation.
This year, the speakers include David Barry, syndicated columnist from the Miami Herald, former Senator and Republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole and Actor/Comedian Cheech Marin among other national media and political figures. All of the speakers' bios can be found here.

The theme for this year: All about US – The issues shaping America’s future.

One of the event’s sponsors, Prosper Publications has assembled myself and about nine other college students to blog our comments and opinions regarding each speaker in real time. Prosper publishes:

Prosper, At Work, In Life, a business-lifestyle magazine celebrating the achievement and success of the growing Sacramento Metro Market and its bright future as a great place to live, work and play.”

We will be blogging live… or if not (we’re not sure if the organizers will let us, Prosper has not and doesn’t plan to tell them what we’re up to!), immediately after each speaker has finished.

Just being able to attend this rather pricey event ($245 for non-members, $195 for members) was incentive enough to apply. However, to have the opportunity to “work,” as it were, as a contributor to Prosper is simply to good to be true. Not only is it true, it gets even better.

There is further incentive. There is a competition of sorts with a substantial cash prize. The real prize, however, is not the money, but in the production and publication of the piece upon which we will be judged. The "prize" is the exposure. On Tuesday, Sept. 5, we will be posting our first entry on the magazines Web site – 10 days before Perspectives 2006 begins. We are charged with writing a piece that is our own perspective of an issue facing the nation. In essence, we get the jump on the featured speakers; we will speak to the same theme they will, but in a blog for Prosper.

From Tuesday up to the day before Perspectives, our thoughts and ideas will be available to read and comment on at The judging will be based half on peer evaluation (we can’t vote for ourselves) and half on the Prosper editorial staff evaluation, of which, some percentage will be based on reader feedback - comments. Prize money? $1000.00

Cool huh? And that is where you – my friends in the blogosphere – come in. I am not asking for gratuitous comments or even that you read only my post. I ask all to take the time to read all ten posts and comment if so moved. I am not asking, nor would I, anything more than to be measured side-by-side with my peers. Although there are no rules, the posts will probably be relatively short (400-600 words) and, based on my one meeting with the team, well written.

What issue will I expound upon? Dunno yet. I've got some ideas and I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to comment here.

One last request: Please spread the word on the competitive blog postings as well as the Sept. 15 live blogging. It’s going to be a blast!


Cody McKibben said...

Great post, Michael! I think you've explained this event better than I even could! Keep up the hard work.

neal said...

Good luck, lucky you. I would love to have that opportunity although my viewpoints are probably a bit further to the right than anyone is willing to listen to judging by the lack of responses on my other blog...

I will keep an eye posted for your blogs...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sounds like a great op-
Don't know if I'll make it over there the 15th, cause I'll be leaving for a New Hamphire wedding that Saturday.
If I'm still home n awake (EST) I'll be sure to give it a shot-

awareness said...

How fun!

Look forward to reading your insights! I'll pass the word around too.

Good luck/Bon chance

mckay said...

i'd love to see that event, but since i can't, i'll definitely take advantage of Perspectives' bloggers of choice to glean their impressions, comments, slurs and gaffs. and i promise i'll be impartial (riiiight) while reading all the posts. may the best long haired blogger win ;0)

oh, come on. you know i'm a comment junky. i'll be tossing my complicatedly (it spell checks) simple pearls of thoughtdom (doesn't spell check. it's like wisdom, but different) if so inspired.

seriously, good luck!!

Kathleen Jennette said...

It does sound like a blast and am very proud of having you as one of my esteemed regulars to my little blog! I will be more than happy to support you in this and looking forward to it.
I too, have been hit with some really busy times lately. I was back up there for a week in Grass Valley (mom problems) and will be going back on week of Sept. 11th. so I have cut short some of my own blogging adventures.
One of your view points (you know I am biased) might be safety awareness and education on the road for ALL motor vehicles to take the MSF (written--not skill) course. I am pushing the education of this, as the gas prices go up, more riders are on the road and we, as riders, could use a bit more of a safety cushion.
Whatever you choose... go for it!!

Anonymous said...

Get out of here! How exciting it is to watch your writing career take all these interesting and exciting paths! You must be enjoying every minute of it. And rightly so - you have earned it.

Of course I'll read/comment/etc. and I promise to be mature and thoughtful and honest.

Congrats, Mike!

Belizegial said...

Mike, I will keep the date in mind and see if I can take an active part in this event. Good luck!

Lady Prism said...

"I'm here!...I'm here!"...okay...what's happening?!?..

Oh' I see...well..good for you!...I'll read on...and read on..will pass the word around for sure...

goood luck!...