Sunday, January 14, 2007


This is what’s known as a tease. I don’t have time right now to write now but I am posting this photo. I’ll leave it to you all to think about what it might be. Some will know exactly what it is; others will have no clue. I chose this one from more than 150 shots I took today because it is intriguing despite knowing what it is. I’ll post the complete story later tonight and link some of the pictures on Overflow. Now it’s back to my busy Sunday!


Helene said...

is it from a bike?

Unknown said...

I am gonna have to go with Sax or a close up of a really pretty camera phone ;)


I wanna know

Im here via Michele BTW

carmilevy said...

Looks like something on a motorcycle. Maybe a side-on view of the engine area (sorry, I don't know the parts as well as I should...but the part under the gas tank...maybe where the cylinders meet?)

Either way, it's a great shot. Lots of surface detail and drama. It invites the eye in for a closer look and makes the viewer think all the while. Wonderful stuff, Mike!

Anonymous said...

My "Spidey Senses" tell me this is definitely a bike shot. It looks a bit like the end of the pipe but that wouldn't make sense where it is located between the cyclinders. The horn perhaps?

canwag said...

Looks like a bike part to me too. If it is, you really keep it clean!

Anna said...

I am going with the motorcycle theme too...not sure what it is...but it is captivating to look at Mike.

Check out this post of is in the September achives and called "Not So Ordinary"....this reminds me of that post.

Have a great week!

utenzi said...

To me it looks like the wheel hub without a tire on it, in front of a rather large and well polished engine. Some headlights on top just behind the top of the hub.

Michele sent me over to toss my guess in the proverbial box.