Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh Yes They Are!

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While I was setting up to shoot some pictures of the Truckee River last Saturday, these tourists (I know that's an assumption, but having lived there for five years, an accurate one I believe), just couldn't wait, I guess. I couldn't have planned this if I tried. They looked over, sort of chuckled nervously (I do have photographic evidence of a misdemeanor in progress - complete with a license plate number), and sped away. I could have protected their identity and blurred the license plate, but I am under no obligation to do so - so I didn't. You just never know who will have a camera these days.

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Jennifer said...

ROFL...I would have been mortified!! I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go :)

kenju said...

When you gotta - you gotta. But one hopes one can find a somewhat less public place to go!

Helene said...

wait ... they peed on their own car??? WTF? Couldnt they find a tree or color the snow? LOL

And you are a piece of work too for having continued to take the photo! hehehe creative photography at its best!

Happy almost Friday!

Helene said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll bet they realy got "pissed off"!


michelle said...

wow.. some people's children..

Princess said...


Have a good weekend.

Here from Micheles :D

Pat said...

Are they doing what I think they are doing? At least they didn't defile the snow. Mike I have got in a muddle at Micheles's and am visiting three people but with you it is always a pleasure!

Bobkat said...

I can't get over that - they are peeing on their own car! I've owned dogs that behave better.

I came here from Michele's as I saw you had been leap-frogged!

Anonymous said...

Prolly making room for more beer :)

Michelle sent me.


rashbre said...

Yet there'[s no yellow snow in your other photographic posts.

Here tonight via Michele's - Hiya!


Shephard said...

Ok, that's a great capture!
lol And I love your attitude toward posting it.

Michele says hello!

Mike said...

What a funny picture. To bad it wasn't video you could have sent it into that TV show.

Michele sent me.

Carli N. Wendell said...

I wish I was a guy sometime. I can't pee on a car without making a total mess.


Michael K. Althouse said...

Um... ya.

Olyal said...

Next time I am so going to check over my shoulder before popping a squat... Who knows when you or one of you minions will pop up with a camera!!!

Michele sent me today!
P.S. I blogrolled you!

Anonymous said...


Why didn't they walk the 2 feet to pee in the snow? Why would you pee on your own car.

They deserve to be broadcast on the internet for that one! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wow, peeing right in public like that? & with all that snow? Brave souls they.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Now that's class. ;-) Good job in posting it as is.

Btw, I'm here from Michelle's today!

Catherine said...

I don't think I've ever been quite that desperate, thank goodness. Michele sent me

Anonymous said...

Apparently the notion of going before starting the trip was a foreign concept.

And...what Kate said...I too am surprised they aimed at their OWN car.

Michele sent me.

carmilevy said...

Brings Ivana Tinkle to mind.

I know it's been said before, but the peeing-on-their-own vehicle thing is going to keep me awake at night.

Wait, it's 2:30 here. It already is!

Thanks for having the guts to capture this one, Mike. Great, great moment in life!

rashbre said...

When I first saw this I recollected the British law that males can urinate in public as long as they pee against the back wheel of a vehicle and hold onto it with their right hand. To be honest, I then googled it but it drew a blank.

Then, amazingly, in this week's Time Out, there was a reference to his very law and in turn I tracked down a venerable BBC quotation about it. Its here.

I'm kinda troubled that I even found it.



David Edward said...

total idiots, pissing on their own tires,