Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Left Coast: Lieber Returns

California Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, is at it again - working hard, earning her money by proposing redundant legislation to make herself and perhaps her constituents feel like they have hearts of gold. They’re defending those who cannot defend themselves, dammit! Someone’s got to do it, right?

Um, Sally… hello; somebody already has. You remember Lieber, she’s the one that proposed legislation that would make it a misdemeanor to spank children under four. She referred to spanking as “beating” and her now aborted attempt to legislate against it would save our kids from their parents who just don’t know how to raise a child. Lieber, who I am sure would be the perfect parent if she had any children, knows what is best for us.

Her proposal met with immediate and overwhelming opposition. That should surprise no one, but apparently it caught Lieber off-guard. It would appear that she is not the type to admit defeat and move on. No, now she has proposed yet another bill that would define certain acts of violence against children as illegal and punishable by up to $1,000 and/or one year in jail. A judge could also sentence the offender to parenting class.

This all sounds perfectly reasonable. Who would be in favor of throwing and kicking children or hitting a child with a cord? There are one or two problems with her measure. The first should be obvious: These things are already illegal, and in the more extreme cases they are felonies punishable by far more than parenting class. This measure is a waste of taxpayer dollars and the Assembly’s time. There are much, much bigger Californian fish to fry.

The greater issue is Lieber’s not very hidden agenda. She has some kind of problem allowing parents to raise their children as they see fit. Actually, she has no problem as long as you do it her way - and in her mind spanking is child abuse. It’s just that black and white… she said it herself. The fact that her previous proposal met with such universal opposition has not dissuaded her at all. I am certain that parenting is not the only thing we don’t know anything about.

Thank God we have Lieber providing us better living through legislation. Perhaps Lieber can just write the book - and pass it into law - so that we’ll all live happily ever after, or else. What kind of dream world does she live in and how in the world does this kind of nut get elected to the Assembly? The bright side? Two year terms. Mountain View, are you listening?


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

This is the problem with "safe" districts and term limits. If the district was competive then Leiber may have not gotten elected in the first place. And the Leibers of the world also make it into the legislature due to term limits. Each party has to find "someone" to run every six years. Sometimes you scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Also on a funny note. :eober does not like the smell of cooked food and wont let her staff use the microwave in the office. They are only allowed to eat "raw" food. Don't ask how I know, I just do. :)

Hi from Michele.

Anonymous said...

"throwing a cord?...."

I once threw a pair of dirty socks on my son...hit him right smack in the face...stunned him ...he!he!

( no connection I know...just remembered..)

utenzi said...

I hadn't heard about Lieber's second attempt at this yet, Mike. I've been avoiding the news due to bald heads and dead addicts. CNN is no longer safe.

It really sounds as if ole Sally is posturing for all she's worth. Do you think she's trying to get some face recognition to bolster an attempt at national office? I'd certainly never vote for her--unless good ole Newt was running against her. LOL

Michele sent me over, Mike. Hi!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Apparently, some terms aren't short enough...

"Ethics in Parenting Social Skills - 101 (Lab:2Hrs)" would def work better before the kid is even conceived!
Most folks already know what they didn't want their parents to do. Regulation of methods used in private homes is so totally unconstitutional, never mind unenforcable, besides the aforementioned existing abuse laws in place.

Why can't today's politicians get bills together for improving lives n lift the local economy without telling folks how they should be living?

Maybe she was beat with the belt or paddled as a child...

David Edward said...

politicians like that make me crazy
here from michele

MaR said...

Hadn't heard about her but then I don't live in the US and I am not an American citizen.. so allow me to diplomatically leave shaking my head... Michele sent me, hi!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It boggles the mind! Not that I don't agree with her in proncipal....But, Hello? (I'm talking about that first bill that went down in flames....)
Why DO you suppose she was elected Mike? That would be interesting to understand, wouldn't it?
Here from Michele tonight! Lord, I cannot believe it is The Weekend, again....!

Paste said...

Too local for me to comment on I'm afraid.
Here from Michele's.

Ty said...

Hi, Michele sent me and thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!

I heard Sean Hannity's interview with this woman, she really is living in a dream world.

carmilevy said...

What the world doesn't need is bigger government sticking its nose into places where it clearly does not belong.

We pay for this in the long run, in both tangible and intangible ways. Of course, by then, the Liebers of the world are off in their gilted retirement, living off their fat pensions and laughing at the rest of us.

What joy.

Shephard said...

The fact that these acts are already against the law is what makes me wonder about her unlying motives.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy, nothing like wasting taxpayers money with redundancy.
As I said last time you wrote about this woman & her grandstanding antics it always really gets me irked when people presume to save others from themselves.
Here from Micheles.

Anonymous said...

Grrrrr...people like this are what give politicians a bad name. Great post, however. As always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I'm here from Michele's. I love your photos and fiction. I have a friend that is running a writing competition. Check it out, when you have time. You've got the talent, so you might as well, use it. :)

Olyal said...

Child abuse is a nasty thing and should never be condoned. But why only define acts of violence against children as a punishable offence. An act of violence against ANYONE is a punishable offence.

I'm not all that au fait with US politics but I'm sure this lady isn't out batting for women affected by domestic violence, or minorities who are persecuted within the community, or the average Joe Blow who gets the crap beaten out of him by some freak who can't control his temper.

Fight against child ABUSE yes... as we should fight against the ABUSE of anyone in this world. But to fight against giving your kid a smack on the bum as a form of discipline??? Surely there are better causes in this world!

Thanks for stopping by Mike. And yes, he is a loser.

Unknown said...

Lieber is a moron. As a former resident of Cupertino, she was a laughing stock then and she is now. There is NO way that legislation is going to go anywhere in such a heavily Asian community, where discipline is often meted out with physical consequences. I guess she's culturally insensitive as well as a big jerk!