Thursday, May 25, 2006


Last Sunday, a new blog was born. It made its appearance amid no fanfare, no pomp and no circumstance. No announcements were sent and it entered the blogosphere almost unnoticed. Almost. Now there is a link on my sidebar, but two of those who frequent this space regularly found it before any convenient access had even been established. Its name is “Overflow” and for the immediate future at least, that is exactly what it contains.

On Friday night, I started a project that was equal parts tribute, appreciation and promotion. It was far more work than I ever envisioned but worth every minute. Except for repairing typos and fixing links, it was written in one sitting. It gave me a great deal of satisfaction to recognize those who had recognized me and I wanted the post to enjoy prominence on my blog for at least a couple of days. Early Sunday morning, that plan was in jeopardy of failing.

I woke up early with my mind going a million miles per hour. My head was just chewing on it… I needed some relief. I was not all that thrilled to be up so early on a Sunday morning. Alas, I had to put something – anything - into print. I was soon to discover that it would not be enough. Oh, I got something down all right… some pretty darned good stuff too, but my tolerance has grown since entering the blogosphere. Just seeing the thoughts in print was not doing it anymore – I had to publish it!

Here in lies the problem: I didn’t want to burry my tribute post behind 600 words of Sunday morning revelations. Ok, fine – just save it in draft form for a day or two, no problem. There are two problems with that plan: First is that it was day-of-the-week specific. In other words, it really had to be posted on a Sunday morning. Second, there would always be something more current to concentrate on. The chances of the post never getting published were very good. This was a dilemma that begged for a solution.

I have toyed with the idea of introducing a second blog from time to time. I thought it could be a different format or “side” of me and I thought about just making it “The 25 Year Plan II.” At the moment, it is the latter. Overflow is a place to put stuff that comes at times when I may not necessarily be ready for it. I can call upon the creative process pretty much on demand, but it also has a way demanding attention on its own, often at the most inconvenient times. Overflow gives me a place to put these posts instead of overloading just one blog with too many posts.

For now Overflow is just a “plane Jane” blog. With nothing fancier than perhaps a hit counter for now (suggestions?), this blog will give those wanting more (you poor deluded souls!) a place to get it and me a place to keep the outflow... um, flowing. Overflow will be the subordinate member of the family for the foreseeable future, but who knows? It could grow and evolve into a blog with just as distinct a personality as its big brother. Before long it could be blazing new trails, breaking new ground and making its name, no longer obscured by the shadow of its older sibling. It could be another of my alter egos - altered.


Jinsane said...

Very good idea!! And, I guess I am one of those deluded souls, because I'm going there right now!! LOL

XO - Jen

Lee Ann said...

Be safe and have a great Memorial day weekend!

High Power Rocketry said...

You look alot like the Big Lebowski.


Ellen said...

Oh goody! Now I get to read two blogs by you. Hmmmmm.... the question arises... can I keep up?
I'll make every effort to do so!

Have a safe and wonderfully long weekend. Are you planning to bring out the Harley for a ride?

ps~ alex does have a point.... I thought you looked familiar.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Whew, your brain is as busy as mine, isn't it? Like little rats scurrying around on a wheel... Too bad you don't live closer. We could go out for coffee and REALLY get spastic!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Overflow sounds like an excellent idea, and like everything, it is a work in progress.

Have a good weekend.

mckay said...

these kinds of early mornings are the best.

you're a fine specimen of a writer, mike and it's a pleasure to read your words. congratulations on the birth of your new baby blog.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Great idea Mike! This is something I may do eventualkly myself...Sometimes these thoughts about stuff come crowding in but I'm not ready to let the current post go quite...Hmmmm. Who knows...
But for now, I LOVE that you have started a second space called "Overflow". Great name, too!