Friday, May 19, 2006

Six Months Blogging... so far

***EDITED***All of the links now work!

When I write, it is ultimately to be read. I dig comments. I like leaving them, I like reading them and I love it when my comments on other blogs are acknowledged by the writer. It is in the last respect that I am most lacking; I want to get mine and not deliver yours. I am not intentionally failing to acknowledge those who have commented on my posts, however, it is also true that if I intentionally made the effort to respond, then I wouldn’t be writing this. It is some latent selfishness that I do not enjoy acknowledging.

Needless to say, I apologize to those that took the time to comment and have not been extended the same courtesy in return. Apologies, however, can be somewhat hollow if not followed by action. It is indeed the very inspiration that my six-month blogging anniversary needed. In addition to setting this oversight straight, I think it high-time I give some credit and recognition to the blogs listed on my links and a few others that are soon to be added. They are listed in the order they appear on my list, which is to say… in no particular order.

Saurly Yours: Authored by my multi-talented blog buddy Saur Kraut, just about anything may grace her blog and often does. She is articulate, worldly and very opinionated. One may agree or not, but one thing is for sure – she does her homework. A keen and wry sense of humor combined with the intelligence to match, she has one of a handful of blogs I make an effort to read everyday. Leave her a comment and nine times out of ten, she’ll acknowledge it with one of her own. Saur Kraut was an early and frequent visitor and supporter of the 25 Year Plan and gave me the encouragement to keep going early on. She has been on the top of my links since the very start!

The Zombieslayer: Another one of my early reads, the Zombieslayer has a mixed bag of current events, humor and some introspection. He is a music aficionado who knows his stuff. I am greatly indebted to him for helping me understand some of the ins and outs of blogging and how to add html codes to my posts and comments. The Zomieslayer (ZS or Zomb for short) has been busy on projects that have taken him away from the daily blogging he was known for, but he makes his rounds occasionally and like Saur, is very good about acknowledging remarks.

Women on the Verge of Thinking: This blog out of Southern California is written by the very literate BARBARAFROMCALIFORNIA. She writes about world and current events, politics, spirituality and the heartfelt issues of daily life. Women on the Verge of Thinking has new content frequently and sometimes new postings appear daily. Barbara is a sharp cookie and she does not shy away from controversy. Her comments are usually very relevant and well thought out. I have the utmost respect for her opinion.

life and times of mckay: McKay’s blog is a relatively recent addition to my favorites. She shares some of the trials and tribulations of modern suburban Americana. Her postings are an eclectic mix of everything from the very personal to the very funny. She combines a unique perspective with a refreshing writing style that is sure to entertain… or enlighten… or give one food for thought. I identify in a curious way – one that I can’t quite put my finger on…

My Life is a Cartoon: This is Jenn’s blog. Jenn is a cartoonist from New York. She posts often and at least half of the time she shares her original artwork with her readers. She also shares other off-the-wall stuff such as strange products, old advertisements and other out of the ordinary miscellanea. There are a couple of unique qualities to Jenn’s blog: Many of her illustrations reflect events in her life – and she’ll set the stage for her readers. The other is that she shares her work in various stages of undress – doodles, sketches, etc. It’s a rare glimpse into the creative process.

Ramble On and Barbara’s Journey are the two sides of my friend Barbara. Ramble On has more light hearted, fun, often classic rock oriented musings. She will sometimes have questionnaires and other entertaining items from the blogosphere and the web in general. Barbara’s Journey is her more philosophical side. She gets deep and spills out her heart and soul. The hurdles many of us face in private are bared publicly here; her courage and perseverance shine through. Her enlightenment and triumphs are shared for all as she makes her way through this thing called life.

Mind Blowing Insanity: This is a blog that could contain great hope as well as hopelessness - followed by more hope. Jinsane chronicles the day to day in her unique way that keeps the insanity of life at bay, but just barely so. At any moment it would seem that all hell will break loose and on at least one occasion it did just that. But Jen is a trooper, she gets through it all with insight, revelation and wisdom. Coincidentally enough, often just the things I’m looking for.

The Secret Garden: This is Ellen’s blog. Ellen can write! One never knows what one might find here, but rest assured it will be understandable, cohesive and descriptive. She doesn’t post everyday… more like one to three times per week. Hers tend to be longer than the average post so I usually will come back when I know I have a few uninterrupted minutes to fully absorb her prose. It is not uncommon for my comments on her blog to be equally wordy, but what can I say when I’m inspired so?

Sadico Junction: Sadie Lou doesn’t live too far from me. We haven’t met, although it is certainly within the realm of possibility. She has very strongly held moral views and doesn’t have any problem getting into it with anyone. As long as the parties involved are respectful, debates in her comments section are allowed to rage on. It is not uncommon to see Sadie Lou and Cyberkitten spar over certain hot-button issues for what seems like days sometimes. I like Sadie because she’s down to earth. We don’t always agree, but I like her style!

Seeking a Little Truth: This is the afore mentioned Cyberkitten’s blog. Cyberkitten recently revealed that his gender is not female. Yes, I was among those that assumed that he was a she! The content of his posts, however, really do render his gender moot. Cyberkitten’s posts are concerned with international politics, the role of the church and religion and his opinions on both. He and Sadie Lou often find themselves with differing views on issues and neither is shy about saying so.

Random Thoughts… by a girl in her jogging pants: From Canada, K’s blog takes the form of an (almost) daily journal. K is a journalist, which makes us almost colleagues since I’ll have my degree in journalism in about a year. I follow her career through her postings and it gives me great insight into what I might be getting myself into. She doesn’t sugarcoat the struggles or minimize her triumphs. I am still there… I am so there. Oh yea, she names her stuff. Her car is Guillermo and her iPod is Geoffrey. Too cute!

Life… Just Passing Through: This is Neal’s blog. Recently Neal has been posting about the illegal immigration crisis. Neal has an opinion and he does his homework. He has also posted famous and inspirational quotes and knows a thing or two about Eastern philosophy and Bonsai gardening! Neal is an interesting guy – no trip around the blogosphere is complete without stopping over on his page.

Castle of Nannbugg: Welcome to Lee Ann’s castle. You never know what might be headlining at the castle. Could be a little of this or a little of that. Even on Thursday, when she celebrates HNT (Half-Nekkid Thursday), the potential is limitless. Her posts are always in good taste and usually upbeat. Her site makes my Mac’s browser freeze about 30% of the time, which is frustrating. However, I still visit everyday – that should be testimony enough.

someone elses horoscope: Not long after I discover her blog, Kate decided that she had had enough of the blog world. I was disappointed, but understood how we all have to make changes. I did not remove her link from my blog because I had hoped she would come out of retirement and because even if she had nothing new, there is a wealth of postings in her archives. Needless to say, she wasn’t gone long. She could have anything and everything – be prepared!

SNABU: An infrequent poster, Bohica has an edge to him. He’s brash, opinionated and smart. He comments on other blogs more often than he posts on his blog, but hopefully that will change. He offered to design my header, and I graciously accepted, not really expecting anything. Next thing I know, I get an email with the cool header my blog now has. He then instructed me on how to install it. Bohica – Thanks

VancouverCalling: This blog has a distinct humanitarian edge to it. Vancouver Voyeur is into nature and things natural. She posts photos often and could feature anything from poetry to stinging commentary. She posts often but not daily. Her insights are genuine and her perspective is uncompromised.

Here in the Hills: Sporting a brand-new look (which, by the way, loads significantly faster), the OldOld Lady Of The Hills’ blog is one of the most popular on my list. Her photo essays are magnificent and the stories she can tell? Amazing. Read her blog, read her archives – there is so so much. Got more questions, ask her in her comments – she’ll get back to you!

A Little Bent: This is Marcy’s story site. Her stories are true and hilarious. There is something for anyone and I find myself checking back for another installment frequently. Unfortunately, Marcy is dealing with a condition that makes typing difficult, so her postings are spread far apart – but always worth the wait.

JAI BHAKTI: Bhakti’s blog appears to be all about meditation but if you can get beyond the initial appearance, you’ll find that it is that and so much more. Bhakti has an outlook on life that is refined and oh so spiritual. Her writings show that she is also human and subject to many of the ups and downs that we all have to face. It’s the grace she comes through it with that is inspiring.

The Blair Project: Blair doesn’t post very often but when she does, it’s usually something I can identify with – and I’m not exactly sure why that is. She is a recent discovery, relatively speaking, so I do not have much to go on. Yet, I keep watching and waiting for something new and then BAM… there it is!

ExitStageRight: Snaggletooth blogs about what’s really going on. It’s life in her world and she explains it in a tone that feels like a lazy afternoon conversation – a well written one. She can get through the minutia without discounting its importance while at the same time staying on course.

Wooley’s Rant: Wooley is a motorcycle enthusiast and that would be good enough for me. The fact that he is also a Harley-Davidson owner puts him over the top. He doesn’t write just about motorcycles, he also writes about many of the issues of the day – and intelligently.

KT Did: Kathy’s blog is busy! Flashy lights and sounds… animation, whew! Kathy posts a lot of pictures. Pictures of Harleys and hot rods! ‘Nuff said.

These are new blogs that I just started to visit. They are likely to be linked in the not too distant future.

Biker Betty: Betty doesn’t ride a Harley, but she rides for the same reasons I do. How do I know? I read her blog.

ink on my fingers: Susannah is a professional writer and it shows. Hers is a brand-new find for me. So far, I like what I’m reading.

LUX LUCIS VITA: Without a doubt one of the more interesting blogs I read. Lux has an interesting style and content. Check her out.

This is very long, I’ll comment more later.



Biker Betty said...

Wow!!! Mike. This post had to of taken you most of the day. You did an outstanding job giving a brief synopsis of so many blogs. I am humbled to be a consideration. I enjoy reading your blog and love how you write. It's always interesting.

Have a Great Weekend,

Betty :)

Bar L. said...

Can I just ditto what Betty said:
WOW!!! Mike, etc!
Thank you for introducuing these blogs to us. I have read some but now that you have described the ones I never got around to, I am looking forward to reading them. Thank you very much what you said about my blogs.

Cograts on 6 months - time flies!
You, my friend, are a GOOD READ :)

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thank you, Mike, for your kind words.

I am truly humbled, and very happy to have you read my blog.

Six months goes by quickly. I too find your comments honest and very relevant to what is happening in our world, and in your own life particularly today!

CyberKitten said...

Thanks for your comments Mike. Appreciated. Sadie & I do look at things a bit differently don't we? I think she's a real trooper to keep coming back and arguing with me the way she does.

Agree with your comments about her. We don't often agree but I have grown to like & admire her.

I must make a point of visiting the other blogs you mentioned. Thanks for the tips..

X said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :)

LOL, love how you added the "she names her things" part! Too funny! :)

I'm definately gonna try and check out some of your must-reads...some of my reads have ceased to exist so I need to bulk up on them blogs! :)

X said...

And congrats on your outstanding blog! :)

mckay said...

oh, mike. you've given us such a kind and insightful cyber gift. i feel like i'm sitting on the floor, surrounded by piles ripped and wrinked gift wrapping with a big goofy grin, looking at my special present.

and it ain't even my birthday ;-)

Jenn said...

Mike, Thank you for your nice comments about my blog.
I will check out some of the others you've listed here... it's been a while since I've searched around for anything new.


Michael K. Althouse said...

bb ~ Thanks. It took a little while, but it was worth it. It didn't seem like that much writing until I got towards the end.

Barb ~ Thank you too. Time does fly, for sure.

bfc ~ Your posts make me think a little beyond the impulse and the reactive, thank you!

ck ~ Your blog exposes me to things I want to know about, but may not have found if it were not for your research.

oilf ~ Thank you for your continued support. Your blog is always entertaining, amusing and (for me) informative.

mckay ~ that big, goofy grin is all the thanks I need!

jenn ~ de nada! I like the variety you bring to you blog!

Susannah Conway said...

Hello Mike, thanks for including me in your list, that was sweet of you, and for your kind comments today. I've been enjoying your blog too, and look foward to seeing your byline in the national press!

Lady Prism said...


Thanks for including me here!

Happy bloggy' anniversary...

cool boggy!...just cool!

Ellen said...

I add my name to the list of people who wish to thank you for the lovely expose' about my blog. You said the nicest things about all of us, which makes me feel very humbled indeed.

As for the "long" comments... keep 'em coming! I feel that you are a great thinker, and always have much to say worth reading. I have no problem with anyone leaving a post in my comments, especially you!

A very happy 6 months to you, and many many more! As long as you write, I'll be here to read... and as soon as you publish, I'll be in line to buy the book!

awareness said...

Another flick of a butterfly wing, and change of thought happens.

I have checked out all the links you recommended and am so impressed with the insights, humour, and comments expressed.

I'm glad I found you serendiptously....
and I'm grateful to have also found other blogger kindreds.


Sadie Lou said...

Thanks for the shout-out Mike! I do hope our paths cross at some point in reality and not just here in blog-land. Perhpas when Dan and I move to our new home we can have you out to our House Party BBQ?
No worries about not posting enough comments on my blog--just knowing you stop by to lurk is flattering enough.
Happy Anniversary!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Good review post here, even if I am listed n feelin flattered...
Thanks for the ad!

I'll admit responding to commentz on my blog takes priority over posting n blog-reads for me!

I wish to thank ya for leaving commentz. I appreciate that you've acknowledged answering our commentz here's not always considered a must for you.
Hey- OK, it's your blog, run it as ya will!
We'll still read n comment when we get the chance...
- I think we're ALL addicted to this writing thing... n being connected because of it across the country n planet, just feels marvelous!

My name is Snaggle Tooth, n I'm a, a, a, COMPULSIVE BLOGGER! Wahhhhh~

-oh yeah, thankz for more good reads to check out, but most were already on my list... n Happy Break !

Michael K. Althouse said...

susanna ~ I like your blog - it is very well written... with substance too.

lux ~ what can I say. Your blog is like none other.

ellen ~ ddon't worry, I rarely find myself speechless.

awarness ~ ah yes... the butterfly.

sadie lou ~ I'm sure of it. When's move in day? What town??

snaggle ~ that's right, I guess I do get to make the rules!

Jinsane said...

I am so honored to be on your list! I agree with McKay- it kinda feels like Christmas morning! It really brightens my spirits to be accepted in the blog world - especially by you - one of my faves!!! Thanks again, Mike! You've really made my day!!


JR said...

I love it when people post their summaries of other blogs. It helps me decide which ones to visit. Now you've added so many for me to check out! I've been meaning to cull some of mine for a while, since I'm down to about 9 that truly get my attention daily. I seldom have time to give quality comments, but lurk regularly. CK's blog is one of them I always want to comment on, but either don't have the time to do it justice, or others have already said all I would have said. Thanks also for stopping by my blog, leaving comments, and for the lovely comments about my space on your own blog. I'll be checking back to this post this weekend, when I hope I'll have more time to read and comment.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks so much Mike for your lovely paragraph!!! I hope I can live up to this...(lol). You read some very very wonderful blogs, and I am honored to be among them.

Kathleen Jennette said...

This was very nice of you to include me, and your'e so right--I always liked gaudy (except for clothing), even as a little girl and it still shows today!! Funny--Ha! Love your discovery of new reads too--that's a prize. Thanks

Michael K. Althouse said...

Jen ~ Please, it is my honor to have you linked on my page. And I'm glad I made your day, that makes my day!

vv ~ me too. That's why I check out those that comment on the blogs I like. Many of my discoveries came to me in that way. I think I found you via CK, though I honestly don't remember - I'm just glad I found it.

oolith ~ Again, I am the one that is honored. And I am quite sure you are more than capable of living up to my billing!

kt ~ I like you gaudiness! Even if it does freeze my browser occasionally (you and lee ann, what's up with that??). I like you taste in toys, and that is good enough for me!~

Lee Ann said...

Wow Mike, That is very nice. I am sorry I missed this. I just wanted to let you know that you did a nice job on this post.

ps ~ sorry my site makes your Mac freeze! :(

Unknown said...

Hi Mike--Thank you for including both of my blogs here...and I especially like your description of my JAIBHAKTI blog---about the grace and all.

I have a feeling Marcy might post something soon...(I know the next post has been half written for over two weeks now!).

Thank you for your kind words.

Love and all great blessings