Monday, May 08, 2006

South Park

Here's a cool little activity I found over on Sadie Lou's Blog. Click the title or here for a direct link to make your own South Park character.

This is as deep as I intend to get today... Happy Monday!


dbackdad said...

That's awesome!

Bar L. said...

It looks just like you!

Sadie Lou said...

That is so cool. Seriously. It looks so much like you. Thanks for playing.
I love that you're wearing gloves--you look like you're about to hop on your cartoon motorcycle.
I guess May is like "Share the Road Month" or something right? There was a huge gathering of motorcycle people in Yuba City this weekend. I went to Target and there were masses of folks out on their bikes.
Can you tell me something?
Is it illegal for bikers to ride the yellow line?
Man, it made me so nervous. There were the bikers, about 6 of them, tailing me and then they just road alongside my car and I had to get waaaaay over on the shoulder as they passed me because there was oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic was riding the shoulder too.
Everyone was honking their horns at the bikers. Why do they do that?! It can't be legal. The women on the back of the bikes were gonna end up as road meat because they were dressed in street clothes! Tank tops and jeans. I couldn't believe it.

Ellen said...

I went to the link and played around with a character... which turned out to be more fun then the work that I really need to get done. Thanks for the break!

By the way... I agree with Sadie and Barbara... your character shows quite a resemblence to your profile picture.

WooleyBugger said...

I was going to say it looked a lot like you. Guess I don't have to.

sadie lou,
This is motorcycle awareness month and ride your bike to work campaign. But splitting lanes and causing traffic mayhem is not doing the rest of us any good. From the sounds of your description I'd have to say it was illegal not to mention stupid.

mckay said...

just call me mcspaz. i can't do a print screen on my mac.

Sadie Lou said...

Yeah, I figured as much. They could have got us all killed for the sake of being show-offs.

Michael K. Althouse said...

dbackdad ~ Pretty cool huh? Welcome to the 25 Year Plan!

Barb ~ A little bit, I guess ;-')

sadie lou~ Thanks for the link!

As far as the Motorcycles... it's called "lane sharing" and it is legal under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, some bikers stretch those limitations way beyond recognition in their justification to do whatever they want.

It's legal if the motorcycle doesn't go faster than 10 MPH over the adjacent traffic (and stays under the limit). Of course, there has to be room for both vehicles to actually "share" the lane and, out of coutesy if not law, they should be respectful as far as whether the motorist is comfortable with sharing the lane.

Bottom line: It's another good reason to be very perceptive when on the road - danger lurks everywhere.

ellen ~ ya, I can see where it may get one preoccupied!

wooley ~ seems to be the consensus.

mckay ` on the mac, I use the "Grab" utility in the applications folder. You can then "capture" a "selection" (pull down menus) with the mouse and save it (I save it to the desktop). When you save it, it will be in TIFF format. Blogger doesn't like TIFFs. Open it with Preview and resave it as a JPEG. Then you can use it like any other image. Most of the pics I find to decorate my posts come from the internet in this manner.

mcspaz;-')... good one!


Bar L. said...

Mike, I just added a P.S. to my post about men with facial hair. There's one exception to the rule (hint...M.A.)

Eddo said...

ha ha. That does look like you.

I popped over from Saur's blog. I read your comment about Mr. X and I thought your words were right on.

Sadie Lou said...

you're welcome!

Thanks for the info. I was doubting my hospitality. I'm comfortable with sharing the road but not putting my life at risk.

X said...

Ahahahah, well you make one heck of a cool SP character! :)

Biker Betty said...

I went to Sadie Lou's blog. That was fun. Thanks for the link.

The Zombieslayer said...

Heh. That really looks like a South Park you. Too funny.

Dak-Ind said...

deep enough!